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Castra (カストラ Kasutora), also known as the Queen of the Dead, is the person responsible for deciding which arbiter the deceased are sent to.


Episode 5 - Castra Mask

She has darker skin and her mint green hair is cut in a bob cut. Unlike arbiters, Castra's pink irises have the shape of an X instead of a cross. She wears a large grey dress shirt that is long enough to reach her thighs, accompanied by blue bracelets on each arm and pink shoes that match her eyes. She also wears what appears to be some type of animal skull on her head.


There is not much known about Castra's personality, but when talking with Nona about Ginti and Decim, she states that she likes her men simple-minded.


She talks with Nona about Ginti and Decim and is later asked by Nona to send to special guests to the Quindecim.


  • "All righteousness is in competition with itself; I'm surprised it doesn't lose interest."
Episode 5 - Castra Lollipop

Castra pulling a blue lollipop from her mouth.


  • Castra is the Latin word for "castles".
  • She sits on a throne of bones and flesh.
  • She has a sweet tooth and is always licking candy.


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