Kanji カストラ
Romaji Kasutora
Gender Female
Hair Colour Mint Green
Eye Colour Pink
Age Unknown
Height 169cm[1]
Weight 53kg[2]
Occupation Overseer of Death.

(Decides which arbiters souls are sent to)

Anime debut Episode 5
Seiyū Ryōka Yuzuki (Japanese)

Morgan Garrett (English)

Castra (カストラ Kasutora) is an organization clerk who measures coefficients of the dead and classifies them in various fields in order to determine their bar destination. Her alternate title is Queen Of The Dead.


Castra's Mask

Castra is shown to always be sitting. When she is shown sitting with Nona and Quin, it appears that she is close to Quin's height. Her skin is brown, highlighting her bright fuschia eyes. Unlike the arbiters, Castra's pupils are large, and her eyes have X's on them instead of crosses. This implies that she is on a completely separate level from the arbiters.

Her hair is pale green and cut in a choppy bob cut. She's shown to only be wearing a large gray dress shirt that is long enough to reach barely mid-thigh, accompanied by blue bracelets on each arm and pink shoes that match her eyes. She wears what appears to be some type of animal skull on her head.


There is not much known about Castra's personality, but when talking to Nona about Ginti and Decim, she states that she likes her men simple-minded.


Quotes Edit

  • (To Nona) "All righteousness is in competition with itself; I'm surprised it doesn't lose interest."

Trivia Edit

Castra as she appears in th anime

Castra pulling a blue lollipop from her mouth as she was speaking to Nona

  • It is said in episode 5 that she likes her men simple-minded.
  • She sits on a throne of bones and flesh.
  • Castra is a representation of Morta, one of the three Parcae from Roman Mythology. Morta's job was to cut the thread of life and choose the manner of a person's death. As shown in episode 5, Castra sends and decides memories, a parallel to Morta's duties.
  • She has an unrivaled sweet tooth and is always licking candy.
  • The latin word "castra" means encampment, camp.

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