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Death Billiards & Death Parade are both set in the same world. It appears to be a place between life and death where souls are judged.

The world has traces of ancient Greek history. Most of the locations and characters have Latin names.


The main location for Death Billiards & Death Parade is a bar called Quindecim, currently hosted by Decim. Here Decim hosts games and evaluates his guests souls to be reincarnated or banished to the void.

The Hotel[]

The world is set in what appears to be a large hotel. There are shown to be at least 90 floors along with a basement. There are possibly multiple buildings as trolley cars are seen to transport people from place to place.

On several of the floors there are other bars like Quindecim. All of the known bars are tended by Arbiters, and managed by Nona. The top floor is presumed to be Nona Ginta, where Nona resides and possibly hosts her own guests.

Known bars and their arbiters.[]

Bars are where arbiters evaluate their guests.

Billiards Room[]

On an unknown floor is a room with a billiards table. It is often occupied by Oculus who likes to challenge arbiters to pool.

Castra's Room[]

Castra is in charge of assigning "guests" to certain arbiters. However some guests are already marked by an unknown entity to be sent to specific arbiters.

This room is on an unknown floor. Castra sits in a large chair surrounded by towers of half full glasses of red wine, or possibly blood that drips from the ceiling.

Memory Sort Room[]

On an unknown floor is a room where human's fragmented memories are hastily put together and sent to arbiters. The memories are assembled on a conveyor belt. Old memories are stored in sacks and placed in a storage room.

Quin the previous Arbiter of Quindecim now works here.

Staff Room[]

Arbiters and perhaps other staff are shown to eat here throughout the series. It may be located on a floor of the hotel or in its own building. In this room is a plain looking bar and many tables and chairs.


There is a hidden floor accessible only with Clavis's key. This floor is often off limits. The dummies of humans sent to the void fall and are collected here.

The basement also serves a second purpose. It appears humans memories can be recreated and reconstructed to show the real world or past events. (Episode 12).

It may also be the gateway for certain people to bring back items from the Human World.


Throughout the show several references are made to indicate a hierarchy of characters.

God & Oculus[]

At the very top there is hinted to be a "God". However Oculus mentions God is long gone and he is the closest being to a new god.

Memory Sorters[]

Quin is the only notable memory sorter. Nona does not have any power over her but often convinces her to do things due to their previous manager/worker friendship.

Guest Assignment[]

Castra is shown to be the only person that assigns "guests" to arbiters. However some guests are previously marked as "special" by an unknown entity. These guests must be sent to special arbiters. Nona does not have power over Castra but convinces her to do her favours by bribing her with "real-world" wine and gifts.


It is indicated that the higher your floor the higher your rank among the arbiters. This is mentioned to be untrue by Nona, but she takes pride in being on the 90th floor anyway.


Nona appears to report to Oculus, yet she often keeps secrets and does things without his permission. Nona also refuses to allow Oculus to search her memories suggesting that he may not be her superior.

Nona is shown to be in charge of the arbiters. Scheduling performance reviews and tests for arbiters is one of her duties (Episode 5). Nona also introduces new arbiters and assistants to their positions (Episode 2).

Special Arbiters[]

Certain Human's are marked to be sent to special arbiters, possibly with more experience or special skills. Decim and Ginti are NOT in this class.


Assistants can be spirit, human, or even animal. They aid the arbiters in their duties but have no real say in what happens.

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