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Chavvot is a children's book that appears multiple times throughout the anime. It is a crucial object to help in discovering Chiyuki's identity.


A young boy named Jimmy sees a little girl playing with a dog on a frozen lake. He instantly falls in love with her because of her smile. After running outside to talk to the girl, Jimmy falls into a pit and the girl helps him get out. While Jimmy is trying to talk to the girl, she doesn't respond and only smiles. She is deaf, but Jimmy still tries to show her that he is fine and happy, by laughing and rolling in the snow, which she copies. In the evening Jimmy tells his mother about the girl and is told her name is Chavvot. He keeps repeating her name and swears by the stars that he will tell her someday how he feels.[1]


The story of the book is seen through Chiyuki's dream sequences and is the reason she started ice skating. Nona brought a copy of the book into the Afterlife and is seen reading it multiple times. A second copy appears sometime later in the Quindecim.[2]


  • Chavvot seems to be based on an old Russian legend about a man named Death and a woman named Life.[3]


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