Anime debut Episode 5
Chavvot is a children's book that appears multiple times throughout the anime. It is a crucial object to help in discovering Chiyuki's identity.

Plot Edit

It is story of a child named Jimmy who meets a deaf little girl named Chavvot.

History Edit

The story is only seen in a few flashbacks and Chiyuki's dream sequences. The character the book is named for is a friendly little girl who enjoys ice skating, and the fact that she is deaf spurs the child to try and convey his emotions to her in a way that words cannot.

It is revealed that when Chiyuki was a little girl and saw Chavvot skating, it spurred her to start skating and become a professional.

Trivia Edit

Apparently Chavvot was based in an old Russian legend about a man and a woman. The man’s name is Death and the woman’s name is Life:

Death falls for Life and constantly calls out to her but because of the realms dividing them and their differences Life cannot hear Death. One day, Death stumbles upon a frozen child in a pitfall. Instead of taking of the child’s life he spares the child, and it is then when Life appears before them, finally able to hear Death. Together they revive the boy, with Death promising only to take the child when his time naturally comes to die. Life and Death fall in love and eventually have a daughter named Hope who mediates and judges who goes where. “For even in life and death, hope can arise in both situations.”

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