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Chisato Miyazaki
Chisato Miyazaki.png
Kanji みやざき ちさと
Romaji Miyazaki Chisato
Gender Female
Hair Colour Brown
Anime debut Episode 3
Seiyū Marie Hatanaka

Tia Ballard (English)

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Chisato Miyazaki was the childhood friend of Shigeru Miura and Mai Takada, until moving away.


She was a cute child with long brown hair that reached her shoulders and evenly cut bangs above her eyebrows. She wore a pink shirt and shorts.


Not much is seen of her personality but she seemed to be nice and friendly as she smiled and waved her friends goodbye.


Chisato was a childhood friend of Mai and Shigeru and would play with them. One day, she and her family moved away. Shigeru missed her, but Mai told him she would always be by his side even if Chisato left because Mai loved him. However, Mai began to become shy around Shigeru, finding it harder and harder just to muster up the courage to speak to him and decided to get surgery to look like Chisato to gain Shigeru's interest. When she and Shigeru died, Mai couldn't remember everything, even her own name. This could be because she couldn't recognize her face since it was the face of Chisato and not her own. As Mai was gaining her memory, she initially believed she was Chisato until all of her memories came back and realized who she really was.