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Chiyuki (知幸 Chiyuki), also known as the Black-Haired Woman (黒髪の女 Kurokami no Onna), was a professional figure skater and is an assistant to Decim in the Quindecim.


Chiyuki is an attractive pale-skinned young woman with shoulder-length black hair that has a single white streak on the right side of her bangs, as well as light violet eyes. She wears a black crop top, a mini skirt held up by a white belt, ankle strap heels, a necklace and a white bracelet. When she first arrived at the Quindecim she wore a red sweater, blue jeans and black high heels. Her sleep wear consists of a light yellow/white night dress.


Chiyuki appeared to be an innocent but skeptical woman when she first woke up. However, after she became accustomed to living in the Quindecim, she acted as a strong-minded woman who always said what was on her mind whenever she felt it was necessary. She does not hesitate to oppose Decim if she feels there is something wrong in what he says. Because she retains her humanity even when all her memories are lost, she can give valuable insights to Decim whenever he is judging.


Young chiyuki

Chiyuki as a little girl

When she was a little girl, Chiyuki had a happy childhood growing up with her mother and father. She liked reading Chavvot with her mother and the moments when Chavvot smiles are her favorite parts.

Later, she becomes a young professional figure skater, being inspired by the book Chavvot. She lives her life to the fullest with many great friends and a warm loving family, even winning several awards for her ice skating.

However, after receiving a horrible knee injury from attempting a triple axel jump, Chiyuki loses her ability to skate. She falls into deep state of depression, feeling she lost the thing that defined her. Never being able to truly understand her, she grows distant from everybody in her life to the point they feel like strangers. After suffering for too long, Chiyuki commits suicide by slitting her wrists in her bathroom.


For more information read Episode 12

After her death, Chiyuki becomes one of Decim's customers. However, her she is aware that she is dead and can't be convinced to play a Death Game. With Nona's permission, her memories are erased and her judgment is postponed. She stays in the Quindecim and assist Decim with his decisions as an arbiter.

Chiyuki mainly helps Decim understand human emotions to aid him. However she disapproves of bringing out the darkness in people's hearts, as she feels the arbiters are creating it instead. Eventually, she begins to remember who she was and because she stays to long in the afterlife, her body begins to crumble. After she is finally judged and sent for reincarnation, Decim creates a puppet in her image and places her next to the bar.


He is her direct superior and the arbiter she assists. They get along well, but she sometimes doesn't support his methods of judging. She teaches him about human emotions, leading him to ultimately question the current methods of arbiters. He later shows great interest in learning more about Chiyuki's background, and is finally able to judge her.
She assigns Chiyuki to be Decim's assistant and is her boss by extension. Nona sees Chiyuki as a chance to further her experiments with Decim and the presence of human emotions when judging overall.
While she had a close bond with both of her parents, her mother shows up far more often in her memories, possibly because her father is busy with work. Her mother was the one Chiyuki regretted leaving behind the most, especially after seeing her mother talking to her through the shrine.


  • "I'm sorry… for not valuing my life. I'm sorry… for not understanding how you felt. For causing you so much grief… I'm sorry. For not letting you have a proper goodbye… I'm sorry."
  • "It's not just grief. There are as many emotions as there are people. The fragility of someone who lets their anger get the best of them… The strength to overcome fear because of love… You can't comprehend anything about them."
  • "People aren't as complex as you think they are. They're simple, and they get sad or angry over simple things. That's how they are. They're quickly affected by the littlest things, and live without knowing where they're going to fall down. That's who people are!"
  • "I'm sure it's not wrong for people to want to understand each other. And even if it is, I want us to understand each other."
  • "Everyone has feelings for someone."


  • Chiyuki means "to know, wisdom" (知, chi) and "happiness" (幸, yuki).
  • She is a decent cook.
  • It is possible that Chiyuki has a condition called Poliosis which is popularly known as "white forelock" when it affects hair right above the forehead.


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