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A game of Death Twister

Death Games are the games that are used by arbiters to judged the souls of the deceased.


When two people die at the same time, their souls are sent to various arbiters to be judged. Usually the participants arrive at a location, without having any memory of getting there. They are told if they want to leave the location, they have to participate in a game with their lives at stake.

Since the participants believe their life is at risk, their their supposed true colors are revealed, which the arbiters observe and use to judge them.

The games are based on real games, usually with some sort of modification or twist. This can range from playing cards with images of the participants' memories to dart boards that inflict pain when hit.

As the games progress, the two participants regain the memories leading up to their death. Eventually, one or both of the them realize that they are dead and are given an explanation by the arbiter. They are told that they were judged based on their lives and how they act during the game, ultimately being sent either to Heaven or Hell.


Episode 6 - Viginti Roulette

The Roulette of the Viginti

The game the two participants play is chosen randomly by a roulette. It has 9 possible slots and is activated by a red button that has to be pressed by one of the deceased.

Episode 1 - Roulette Button

The activation button

It is unknown if the arbiters know the game before it is chosen or if it is truly random. It is also unknown if the games are always the same, rotate slots, switch to completely different games or are created based on the participants.


Episode 6 - Remote

The remote

Arbiters are given a remote to influence a running death game. This can range from subtle changes like making a billiard ball miss to completely changing the rules of a game. It is used to create more tension in games, sometimes forcing the participants to resort to irrational tactics. The remote doesn't have to be used and is only intended to help if the arbiter thinks they can't judge the participants clearly.

List of Games[]

Game Episode Location Arbiter Participants Description
Death Billards Death Billiards Quindecim Decim Man
Old Man
Episode 7 Quin Unknown Man
Unknown Woman
Death Seven Darts Episode 1 & 2 Quindecim Decim Takashi
Two dartboards are set up and each player is given 7 darts. The players take turns throwing one dart each trying to reduce the score of 501 to zero, with the one closer to zero winning after all 14 darts are thrown. However, the dartboards are linked to the opponents organs and inflict pain based on the score the player hits.
Death Bowling Episode 3 Quindecim Decim Shigeru Miura
Mai Takada
Like traditional bowling 10 pins are set up and 10 frames are played, with the higher score winning. Each player gets only one throw and uses a bowling ball containing a heart. This heart is linked to the heart of the opponent and mimics their body heat and heart beat.
Death Arcade Episode 4 Quindecim Decim Misaki Tachibana
Yousuke Tateishi
Two arcades are set up and the 2D fighting game "Battle of Life" is played in a best of three. The players can only choose one character based on themselves with characteristics and powers based on their lives. The remote can be used to pop of the ball on the joystick.
Death Twister Episode 6 Viginti Ginti Mayu Arita
Like regular twister, a large mat with colored circles and a spinner are set up. The spinner decides where which limb has to be placed with the players taking turns. The first not to fulfill their placement or to touch the mat loses. The remote can be used to give the different colors effects like heat, ice, wind or wildcard.
Death Air Hockey Episode 8 & 9 Quindecim Decim Tatsumi
An air hockey table is set up and colored pucks representing the organs of the associated player are used. If a goal is achieved using one's own puck the goal is counted as two and if the puck is owned by the opponent one steals one of the opponent's points. After a certain amount of time the pucks inflict pain when a goal is scored.
Death Old Maid Episode 10 Quindecim Decim Chiyuki
Sachiko Uemura
The arbiter joins the game and a deck of 52 including a joker is shuffled and dealt to the players. At the start of the game all pairs can be discarded. The players take turns picking cards from each other and discard pairs. After all cards are discarded the player holding the lone joker loses. The pictures on the cards are memories of the players.


  • The actual results of the games are mostly meaningless to the arbiters judgment.