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Story Teller (ストーリー・テラー, Sutōrī Terā) is the tenth episode of Death Parade.


Decim and Nona talk about finally judging the black-haired woman and that he will receive a special guest. The special guest is a an old woman named Sachiko Uemura. They play the card game Old Maid, but the cards are pictures of memories of the players. During the game the black-haired woman figures out that she is named Chiyuki and Sachiko realizes she is dead. They talk about the book Chavvot and Chiyuki remembers more of her life. After Chiyuki looses, Sachiko is sent to reincarnate. Nona has Quin prepare Chiyuki's memories. Oculus, suspicious of Nona's behavior, reads Clavis' memories and Ginti prepares a puppet of Harada.


The episode starts off with Decim waking up in the same place that the black-haired woman woke up in.

The scene changes to the present time, with Decim going to see Nona, bothered by what happened last time. He tells her he thinks the way they judge people is flawed and says that maybe the extreme conditions the guest are put under to reveal the darkness in the soul, he questions that and ask what if they are creating the darkness instead of showing it. He then apologizes to Nona and tells her since he respects people who've lived a fulfilling life, he can't judge them.

As the two talk, Nona explains that the black-haired woman is regaining her memories and will soon have to be judged. Decim says that he will be able to judge her and doesn't need Nonas help with it. Decim then denies the request of Quin sending along the black-haired women's memories saying he should be alright. She asks if he is gonna judge her soul without the darkness and Decim starts saying "in all honesty i don't think that's her true nature", but is cut off by Nona asking if he really thinks he knows her true nature and even if he did he wouldn't be able to understand it. Decim clenches his fist in anger but says nothing. Nona then says that they'll have a special guest arriving soon, saying he's still an arbiter.

Back at the Quindecim, Decim and the black-haired woman wait for their guest, who happens to be an old lady named Sachiko Uemura. Before choosing the game, Sachiko claims to know the picture that is shown from somewhere. The three of them end up playing Old Maid, and Sachiko claims that she knows that old man who is shown on one of the cards. Decim picks a kokeshi, reminding him of a conversation that he had with Ginti about judgments.

Back in reality, the three continue to play and the scene ends with the black-haired woman picking the joker card.

Nona and Clavis are shown talking to Quin, and she asks for all of the black-haired woman's memories.

Sachiko picks a card, which happens to be a picture that she hadn't finished and figures that she's dead.

Nona and Quin exchange items once she found the memories.

Sachiko remembers the story of Chavvot, explained it to Decim who was curious, leading to the black-haired woman to remember that she used to have her mom read it to her often, along with her name, Chiyuki. The game ends with Chiyuki losing, Sachiko to be reincarnated, and Chiyuki wondering how she died.

Oculus is suspicious of Nona's behavior, after looking into some of Clavis' memories.

With Decim and Chiyuki, Decim wants to know more about humans, before Chiyuki has to be judged as she can no longer stay there with her body crumbling away.

Meanwhile, Ginti smiles a wide suspicious sinister grin as Harada's body (but not his face) can be seen in his bar, implying he plans to do something to him.