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Memento Mori (メメント·モリ, Memento Mori) is the eleventh episode of Death Parade.


Mayu is told that she can sacrifice herself or a random person to bring back Harada from the void. Chiyuki remembers that she used to be a professional figure skater, and is asked by Decim to perform. While she is skating, more and more memories return to her, and she is overjoyed. After the memory of her knee injury returns, she trips and falls on the ice, scraping off her skin, revealing a doll leg underneath. She tells Decim that because of her injury, she wasn't able to skate again, became depressed and committed suicide. Decim serves her a drink called "Memento Mori" and Chiyuki falls asleep after drinking it. He then requests Chiyuki's memories. After some thinking Mayu sacrifices herself, but it is reveled that Ginti sent her along Harada to the void. Oculus visits Nona and stops her from leaving the Nona Ginta.


Mayu is ecstatic to see Harada again, remarking how Ginti had sent him to "that void place". But when Harada doesn't respond when she tries to wake him, Ginti remarks that Harada's soul has not returned yet. When asked how to bring it back, Ginti explains that another soul needs to be sent to the Void in order to bring Harada's back, and that if it does not Harada's body will eventually return to its natural puppet state. When Ginti says he needs to settle on a soul to send, Mayu offers her soul in exchange. When she says she doesn't know what kind of place the void is, Ginti calls her an unfathomably reckless idiot then informs her that she will choose between Harada and a random human (who is waiting for his death game) to be sent to the void.

Mayu wants to know why she has to be the one who chooses between the two. Because humans often forget that they will die someday and will often cling to life when confronted by their deaths, Ginti has never once second guessed his judgments, and confesses this much to Mayu. Then he offers her the red button from the death games and instructs her to press the button once she's decided. She goes to press it but hesitates, wanting to know who the person is. Ginti asks if she really needs to know, and what kind of person would she be willing to sacrifice for Harada. While denying ever being willing or capable of doing such a thing, still she waffles over the choice.

Meanwhile, Decim recalls his first meeting with Chiyuki; when she first arrived she claimed that she should already be dead, surprising Decim. When he asked her how she knew, Chiyuki began to cry and asks how she died. Because she remembered she was dead, Decim was unable to persuade Chiyuki to play any Death Games, and so put her to sleep, had her memories erased, and her judgment postponed, with permission from Nona. But as she is about to leave, Decim requests to be the one to judge Chiyuki. When asked why he feels he has to, Decim does not have an answer.

Back in the present, Chiyuki returns to the bar, having changed into the purple leotard, only to see the bar transformed into an ice rink, with Decim waiting for her. He asks her to perform some ice skating. As she skates, Chiyuki's memories return, learning that she became a professional figure skater due to being influenced by her favorite children's book, Chavvot. But at the height of her career, a severe knee injury forced her to retire, which led to a severe depression as she became detached from everyone around her. This eventually led to her suicide.

And yet Chiyuki acknowledges that it was not the fact she could not skate again that had her so depressed. When her mother remarked that she was proud of the fine woman Chiyuki had grown to become, Chiyuki denied this claim before insisting her mother leave the room, suggesting that her sense of self-worth was the cause of her depression (as she herself doesn't quite know what was hard on her, only that it wasn't skating). The people she had met through skating ultimately became strangers to her, and so believes that it is wrong to want to understand other people. Decim asks if it's wrong for him to want to understand the sadness that Chiyuki feels and says he wants to know more about her.

Back at the Quindecim, Decim makes them both a drink called 'Memento Mori', and briefly explains the meaning behind the name. Chiyuki drinks it, complimenting his bartending skills, but then passes out as Decim puts his own drink down. Then he asks Quin to send him Chikyuki's memories, not realizing that Nona had Quin prepare them for this very moment.

Back on the 20th floor, Mayu enters the elevator while supporting Harada's body and asks Ginti where the elevator will take her. Ginti says it will take her to where Harada's soul is. She asks if he will really wake up, and Ginti assures her that he will. He asks her what Harada is to her. At first she thinks Ginti is making fun of her, then wants to know if she's not allowed to live a life without meaning. She turns the question around on him, wanting to know why he acts as an arbiter. He says it's simply his job, and something he's supposed to do, to which Mayu expresses pity, startling Ginti as Memine jumps out of his arms and leaves. Mayu exclaims that while her life might not have been one others would be proud of, though she decided to devote it to Harada, it was still a life with meaning. The doors close on her then, before the nakizo mask switches to a hannya mask, suggesting that Ginti tricked Mayu, and sent them both to the Void.

Quin reports Decim's request to Nona telepathically, but Nona is intercepted by Oculus when she tries to leave the Nona Ginta. He calls her a 'naughty girl', which stops her from leaving.