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Suicide Tour (スーサイド·ツアー, Sūsaido Tsuā) in the twelfth and last episode of Death Parade.


Decim makes a phone call to the Information Bureau, requesting a favor. Nona and Oculus have a short argument about arbiters. Decim carries Chiyuki into the elevator, greeted by Clavis, and asks to be taken to the lowest level. Chiyuki wakes up and finds herself in her old room as Decim enters. The two wander around Chiyuki's house reminiscing about her life. When her mother returns, Decim explains that they cannot be seen or interact with the living. He tells Chiyuki she can return to her old life by sacrificing the life of a random person, giving her a button to press. As Chiyuki watches as her mother cry, she remembers all the people who visited the Quindecim, and is unable to press the button. She explains to Decim that everyone has someone they cherish, crying and apologizing to her mother. Shortly after she begs Decim to press the button for her, but he reveals that it was just an illusion, apologizing with tears in his eyes. Nona tells Oculus that she gave Decim human emotions. As Decim and Chiyuki return to the Quindecim, Chiyuki is able to make Decim smile as she is sent to be reincarnated. Two new costumers arrive and are greeted by a smiling Decim as a doll with Chiyuki's appearance is seen sitting next to the bar.


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