Episode 5
Death March



Desu Māchi

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February 6, 2015

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Death March (デス・マーチ, Desu Māchi) is the fifth episode of Death Parade.


Plot Edit

The black-haired woman, who has been having the same dream about a boy and a girl, is surprised to find the girl from her dream on a panel Nona asked Decim to put up.

As two new customers, a man and a young boy, show up at the bar, Decim is taken aback when the man seems to possess memories of having been in the Quindecim before.

Just as Decim restrains the man, the woman is put to sleep by the young boy, who is revealed to be another arbiter named Ginti.

Ginti questions Decim about the woman, who was not chosen for the games as she already knew she was dead.

Irritated with Decim's response, Ginti picks a fight with him until Nona puts a stop to him. Nona reveals the guests were part of a test for Decim, noting that he failed to realise the boy had no memories due to being distracted by the man, who was a dummy implanted with memories.

Later, as the woman continues to dream about the boy and girl, Jimmy and Chavvot, Nona is seen with a book about Chavvot.

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