Episode 6
Cross Heart Attack



Kurosu Hāto Atakku

Japanese Air Date

February 13, 2015

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Cross Heart Attack (クロス・ハート・アタック, Kurosu Hāto Atakku) is the sixth episode of Death Parade.


Mayu Arita, an over-excited schoolgirl, and Harada, a member of a popular boyband, arrive at a different bar, Viginti, which is run by Ginti, who has them play a game of Twister together.

While Mayu is excited to play with someone from her favorite band, Harada is more concerned with getting back to his girlfriend.

As Mayu and Harada start demanding a break, Ginti changes up the game, which causes the climate of the game mat to change with every panel they step on, ranging from heating panels to freezing cold.

After narrowly avoiding freezing to death, Mayu and Harada are suddenly put in a sudden death situation above a pit of spikes.

Just as Harada is about to push Mayu off himself, Mayu, not wanting to soil herself in front of him, decides to forfeit and let herself drop, but Harada, guilty over driving one of his ex-girlfriends to suicide, tries to stop her from doing so.

Mayu, who safely lands on some fake spikes, remembers that she died slipping on some soap, while Harada recalls he was killed by his girlfriend, the sister of his ex-girlfriend whom he let die.

Afterwards, Harada takes an interest in Mayu after she changes her clothes, and the two hold a concert for the other staff.


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