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Alcohol Poison



Arukōru Poizun

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February 20, 2015

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Alcohol Poison (アルコール・ポイズン, Arukōru Poizun) is the seventh episode of Death Parade.


The Black-Haired Woman comes across a book containing the Chavvot story that appeared in her dreams, causing her to regain some of her memories and remember that she is dead.

When she asks Decim about who the book belongs to, he tells the woman about Quin, the Quindecim's former arbiter before he joined.

After observing one of Quin's death games, Decim was questioned over why he did not use a remote to affect the nature of the game, to which he replied that he respects those who had lived full lives, and was told by Quin to take care of things he treasures.

Meanwhile, Quin, who became part of the information bureau after quitting her job as arbiter, has a drink with Nona, discussing how Decim is an arbiter with human emotions. Oculus visited them and found in Nona's house, the book Chavvot.

Decim shares with the Black-Haired Woman his treasure, in which he collects the dummies formed from guests who were sent to the void, which would otherwise be completely disposed of, so that they won't be forgotten.

Later, Nona arranges with Castra for two special guests to be sent to Decim instead of special arbiters.