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Death Counter



Desu Kauntā

Japanese Air Date

March 6, 2015

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Death Counter (デス・カウンタ, Desu Kauntā) is the ninth episode of Death Parade.

Summary Edit

This episode continues off from the last episode with Shimada and Tatsumi continuing their conversation in the restrooms. Tatsumi tells Shimada that once he gets out of the place he's going to kill someone, because his wife was killed. The two men continue on with their game of air hockey. Forfeiting the game, Tatsumi reveals to have regained his memories, he remembers that Shimada was the one that killed him. Shimada becomes shocked from all this as Tatsumi explains that he was following the same man that raped his sister, and didn't do anything to see if the man was guilty or not. Angered, Shimada charges toward Tatsumi, only to be held back by Decim. Tatsumi is held back by Decim, after Shimada wished to kill him. As Decim held back Tatsumi, Onna yelled at him for what he was doing, as Decim said he was aiding in Shimada's judgement. Decim, feeling a tinge of emotion, clutches his chest. At the end it's unknown what happened to Shimada and Tatsumi, but it is likely that they were sent to the void.

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