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Death Counter (デス・カウンタ, Desu Kauntā) is the ninth episode of Death Parade.


Shimada and Tatsumi continue their conversation in the main ballroom, they both want revenge for their wife and sister respectively. The two men continue on with their game of air hockey, and after a bit they both regain some memories of their life. Tatsumi remembers that he already killed his wife’s murderer, and Shimada remembers killing the rapist and being told that there was another person watching from a distance. After playing one more round each, Tatsumi reveals that Shimada was the one that killed him, forfeiting the game. He explains that he was following the same man that raped Shimada's sister, and didn't do anything to stop him. Angered, Shimada charges towards Tatsumi, only to be held back by Decim. Decim explains that since they are already dead they can’t be killed again but can suffer pain. He then lowers a knife and places Tatsumi's hockey pucks infront of Shimada. The black-haired woman yells at Decim and tries to convince Shimada not to stab the pucks, but isn't successful. Both are sent to the void.


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