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Death Billiards[]

No. Title Air Date
OVA Death Billiards (デス・ビリヤード, Desu Biriyādo) March 2, 2013
Somewhere is a mysterious bar known as the Quindecim, where a mysterious white haired bartender works. Whenever two people emerge from the bar's elevators, those two must participate in a Death Game with their lives on the line, the results of which will reveal what secrets led them there and what their fate will be afterwards.

Death Parade[]

No. Title Air Date
01 Death Seven Darts (デス・セブンダーツ, Desu Sebun Dātsu) January 9, 2015
Newlyweds Takashi and Machiko find themselves at the Quindecim bar, where the bartender, Decim, has them stake their "lives" in a game of darts. As the game progresses, Takashi suspects that Machiko had been having an affair and attempts to win, only for Machiko to state this wasn't true and that she is pregnant. Machiko lands the winning hit. At the end of the game, it is revealed they had both died in a car crash because of Takashi's jealousy. Machiko subsequently claims she only married Takashi for his money. After Decim prevents Takashi from attacking Machiko, he sends them to the elevators, where Takashi gets reincarnated and Machiko gets sent to the void.
02 Death Reverse (デス・リバース, Desu Ribāsu) January 16, 2015
A black-haired woman with no name or memory is taken by a girl named Nona to the Quindecim, where she is assigned as Decim's assistant. Nona takes the woman backstage to observe the darts game between Machiko and Takashi, explaining the nature behind the games. After the game's conclusion, the woman gives her thoughts, believing that Machiko was lying about having been unfaithful and who her baby's father was in order to save Takashi's soul, which comes as a surprise to Decim, who feels apologetic about being mistaken in his judgment.
03 Rolling Ballade (ローリング・バラード, Rōringu Barādo) January 23, 2015
Two college students, a boy and a girl, are brought to the Quindecim to play a game of bowling. The two students have a fun game of bowling and learn they were childhood friends as the game progresses. After realizing they are dead, the boy asks the girl out on a date saying it would be his only chance. Decim permits them a final date before sending both their souls for reincarnation.
04 Death Arcade (デス・アーケード, Desu Ākēdo) January 30, 2015
Two new "customers" try to escape before deciding to play the game, which turns out to be a fighting arcade. Misaki Tachibana, a TV star, and Yousuke Tateishi, an otaku, each lose a round and recall some memories. The match ultimately ends in a draw. Decim embraces the two when they realize they are dead. He congratulates them and escorts them to the elevators for their judgments, where Yousuke gets reincarnated and Misaki gets sent to the void.
05 Death March (デス・マーチ, Desu Māchi) February 6, 2015
The black-haired woman dreams about a story of a young boy and girl. A man and a child enter the Quindecim, but the man seems to recognize Decim and the bar. Nona and Oculus are playing billiards and talk about arbiters. The man takes the boy hostage but is restrained by Decim. The black-haired woman is put to sleep by the young boy who gets immediately restrained by Decim. The boy is revealed to be Ginti and they talk about the woman Decim wasn't able to judge. After a short scuffle between the two Nona forcefully pins down Ginti. She reveals that Decim was tested and that he failed. She leaves and visits Castra, talking with her about the sheer mass of deaths. Clavis takes the man, who was only a puppet with implanted memories, and leaves with Ginti, while Decim puts the black-haired woman to sleep.
06 Cross Heart Attack (クロス・ハート・アタック, Kurosu Hāto Atakku) February 13, 2015
Schoolgirl Mayu Arita and boy band member Harada arrive at the Viginti. Ginti has them play a game of Twister together. As Mayu and Harada start demanding a break, Ginti changes up the game by adding effects to the different tiles. After nearly burning and freezing to death, Mayu and Harada are suddenly put in a sudden death situation above a pit of spikes. Just as Harada is about to push Mayu off, Mayu decides to forfeit and let herself drop. She safely lands on fake spikes, remembering that she already died. Afterwards, the two hold a concert for the other staff.
07 Alcohol Poison (アルコール・ポイズン, Arukōru Poizun) February 20, 2015
The black-haired woman finds the book Chavvot, remembering she is dead. Decim tells the woman about Quin, the Quindecim's former arbiter. After observing Quin's last death game, Decim took over the bar and Quin became part of the Information Bureau. Quin has a drink with Nona, talking about Decim as Oculus visits them in the Nona Ginta and finds the book Chavvot. Decim shows the woman the puppets he models after customers he wants to treasure. Later, Nona arranges that Castra sends two special guests to Decim.
08 Death Rally (デス・ラリー, Desu Rarī) February 27, 2015
As per Nona's arrangements, Decim is sent two new guests; a young man named Shimada and a detective named Tatsumi, one of whom is allegedly a murderer. While searching for a way out, Shimada finds a blood-stained knife among his belongings, unsure of where it came from. As the two participate in a game of air hockey, Shimada gradually regains memories of looking after his younger sister while Tatsumi remembers that his wife was murdered. With the two regaining further memories that fuel their motivations to escape, Shimada remembers his sister was assaulted, Decim changes up the game, in which scored pucks deal pain to the respective player's organs. Meanwhile, the black-haired woman makes a request to see the memories that Decim received, learning that both Shimada and Tatsumi are murderers.
09 Death Counter(デス・カウンタ, Desu Kauntā) March 6, 2015
Shimada and Tatsumi continue their conversation in the main ballroom, they both want revenge for their wife and sister respectively. The two men continue on with their game of air hockey, and after a bit they both regain some memories of their life. Tatsumi remembers that he already killed his wife’s murderer, and Shimada remembers killing the rapist and being told that there was another person watching from a distance. After playing one more round each, Tatsumi reveals that Shimada was the one that killed him, forfeiting the game. He explains that he was following the same man that raped Shimada's sister, and didn't do anything to stop him. Angered, Shimada charges towards Tatsumi, only to be held back by Decim. Decim explains that since they are already dead they can’t be killed again but can suffer pain. He then lowers a knife and places Tatsumi's hockey pucks infront of Shimada. The black-haired woman yells at Decim and tries to convince Shimada not to stab the pucks, but isn't successful. Both are sent to the void.
10 Story Teller (ストーリー・テラー, Sutōrī Terā) March 13, 2015
Decim and Nona talk about finally judging the black-haired woman and that he will receive a special guest. The special guest is a an old woman named Sachiko Uemura. They play the card game Old Maid, but the cards are pictures of memories of the players. During the game the black-haired woman figures out that she is named Chiyuki and Sachiko realizes she is dead. They talk about the book Chavvot and Chiyuki remembers more of her life. After Chiyuki looses, Sachiko is sent to reincarnate. Nona has Quin prepare Chiyuki's memories. Oculus, suspicious of Nona's behavior, reads Clavis' memories and Ginti prepares a puppet of Harada.
11 Memento Mori (メメント·モリ, Memento Mori) March 20, 2015
Mayu is told that she can sacrifice herself or a random person to bring back Harada from the void. Chiyuki remembers that she used to be a professional figure skater, and is asked by Decim to perform. While she is skating, more and more memories return to her, and she is overjoyed. After the memory of her knee injury returns, she trips and falls on the ice, scraping off her skin, revealing a doll leg underneath. She tells Decim that because of her injury, she wasn't able to skate again, became depressed and committed suicide. Decim serves her a drink called "Memento Mori" and Chiyuki falls asleep after drinking it. He then requests Chiyuki's memories. After some thinking Mayu sacrifices herself, but it is reveled that Ginti sent her along Harada to the void. Oculus visits Nona and stops her from leaving the Nona Ginta.
12 Suicide Tour (スーサイド·ツアー, Sūsaido Tsuā) March 27, 2015
Decim makes a phone call to the Information Bureau, requesting a favor. Nona and Oculus have a short argument about arbiters. Decim carries Chiyuki into the elevator, greeted by Clavis, and asks to be taken to the lowest level. Chiyuki wakes up and finds herself in her old room as Decim enters. The two wander around Chiyuki's house reminiscing about her life. When her mother returns, Decim explains that they cannot be seen or interact with the living. He tells Chiyuki she can return to her old life by sacrificing the life of a random person, giving her a button to press. As Chiyuki watches as her mother cry, she remembers all the people who visited the Quindecim, and is unable to press the button. She explains to Decim that everyone has someone they cherish, crying and apologizing to her mother. Shortly after she begs Decim to press the button for her, but he reveals that it was just an illusion, apologizing with tears in his eyes. Nona tells Oculus that she gave Decim human emotions. As Decim and Chiyuki return to the Quindecim, Chiyuki is able to make Decim smile as she is sent to be reincarnated. Two new costumers arrive and are greeted by a smiling Decim as a doll with Chiyuki's appearance is seen sitting next to the bar.