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Ginti (ギンティ, Ginti) is an arbiter and the bartender of the Viginti.  


Ginti is a tall man with golden eyes and red spiky hair, which is tied into a small ponytail. He wears the arbiter uniform consisting of a black vest over a white shirt, black pants, a brown belt, an apron, and a pair of leather shoes. His sleeves are rolled halfway up his arms, and he leaves a button on his collar open. His pin is on the left side of his vest.


Ginti is very rough in nature and gets irritated easily. He simply sees being an arbiter as his job and deals with his customers as fast as possible. During his judgment he gets bored pretty easily and only starts enjoying the Death Games after using his remote. Ginti firmly believes that arbiters and humans shouldn't get along and only make contact when the humans are being judged.


Ginti is sent in disguise as a little boy to test Decim, which the latter fails to pass. After Ginti reveals himself and makes fun of Decim, he starts a short scuffle between the two, but is quickly detained by Nona. He is put to sleep while Nona lectures Decim and only gets woken up when they leave again.

For more information read Episode 6

Some time later, Ginti gives Mayu the choice to sacrifice a stranger to the void to return Harada's soul. She is unsure at first, but chooses to sacrifice herself. Even after being intimidated by Ginti, her decision remains the same. After she drags a lifeless Harada into the elevator, Ginti sends them both to the void.


Ginti's Water Orbs
  • Water Manipulation: Ginti uses this ability to create and freely manipulate orbs out of water he stores in kokeshi dolls.
    • Transformation: Using his water he is able to transform his body.


Ginti does not get along with Decim and constantly tries to fight with him. It seems to be a one-sided rivalry, as Decim doesn't seem to hate Ginti in return.
Mayu Arita
The only person Ginti wasn't able to immediately judge. He doesn't understand her and often gets irritated by her antics. After she decides to sacrifice herself for Harada, he sends her to the void, thinking reincarnating her into a world without Harada would be pointless. He seems to have created a kokeshi doll in her image.
His cat and assistant in the Viginti. They like each other a lot and Ginti even treats her like a full person, getting irritated when someone just treats her like some cat. After seemingly disapproving of Ginti's judgment on Mayu Arita, Memine left the Viginti.


  • "Humans all behave the same way, like idiots. They all forget that someday they're going to die, so the moment they come face to face with death, they cling to life."


  • Ginti owns a sizable kokeshi doll collection which he puts on display in his bar, getting irritated when others touch them.


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