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"If it wasn't for the fans cheering, I could never be an idol. The reason I got this far is because of everyone else!"
— Harada to Mayu Arita

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Harada (原田, Harada) is an idol and musician and a member of popular idol group C.H.A..


Harada is a young good-looking man with fair skin, brown eyes and short blond hair. He wears a white v-neck shirt under a black vest and a brown necklace, paired with brown pants.


Initially enjoying meeting his fans and reading their fan mail, he becomes less and less appreciative of their support. He puts on a fake happy front when meeting them, behind which he is actually annoyed. He is a womanizer and can be selfish, however, if something happens to his fans, he quickly realizes how much he actually cares about them.


For more information see Episode 6

Some time later, Mayu Arita is given the choice to sacrifice a stranger to the Void to return Harada's soul. She is unsure at first, but then chooses to sacrifice herself, since she doesn't know anything about the stranger. After dragging a lifeless Harada into the elevator, they are both sent to the void by Ginti.


Harada's ex-girlfriend and huge fan. When Harada broke up with her, she was devastated and commits suicide.
Harada's latest girlfriend and the sister of Kana. After her sisters death, she gets to know and sleeps with Harada. The next morning she leaves him a parting gift; a heart shaped bomb that kills him.
Mayu Arita
A huge fan he first meets in the Viginti. He isn't very fond of her, but still remains friendly. During the final moments of their Death Game of Twister, he wants to push her off, but briefly saves her instead, after she sacrifices herself. She reminds Harada, how important his fans were to him and after the game he is much more open and friendly towards her.


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