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Machiko (真智子, Machiko) is the wife of Takashi.


Machiko is a young woman with brown hair tied to a ponytail and grey eyes. She wears her wedding band, earrings and a string necklace with a gold square matching Takashi's. She wears a summer dress with a dark jacket and pink high heels.


Machiko loves her husband Takashi, trusting and checking on him. She tries to find the best way to help him, even regretfully lying to him to sacrifice herself and save him.


Machiko is introduced to Takashi by an acquaintance and they fall in love and get engaged. She gets pregnant, but keeps this a secret from her husband. At an unknown point in time, she cheats on Takashi with immediat regret, but also keeps this a secret. After their wedding and during their honeymoon, a suspicious Takashi tries to grab her phone while driving, thinking that must be her lover since she doesn't pick up. This results in them crashing of a cliff and dying.


For more information read Episode 1 and 2


  1. Takashi is probably the father of Machiko's child, since she is already pregnant before the wedding and when she cheats she has the wedding band on her finger.


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