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Mai Takada is a college student and the childhood friend of Shigeru Miura and Chisato Miyazaki.


Prior to her plastic surgery, she had a plain face with freckles and thin brown eyes. As a high school student she kept her brown hair in two short buns and later wore them open at shoulder length. After receiving plastic surgery, she gained a new face, with larger eyes and no freckles. She wears a pink dotted shirt underneath blue overalls.


She was a kind, sweet girl who had deep feelings for Shigeru. While she seemed more outgoing and cheerful as a young child, she became more withdrawn, self-consious and quiet as she grew up. She is considerate and gentle and is able to stay calm in tough situations.


As children, Shigeru, Chisato, and Mai often played together. Chisato eventually moved away but Mai stated she would always be with Shigeru because she loved him. However, despite living in the same neighborhood, due to her shyness and lack of self confidence the two seemingly grew apart and went to separate high schools. While visiting her workplace, the bowling alley, Mai caught Shigeru's eye. His friends informed him that she was his childhood friend who got plastic surgery. While riding the same bus as Mai, he walked towards her seat and attempted to talk to her. However, the bus ended up in a accident, killing both of them at the same time.


For more information read Episode 3.


  1. It is believed that she had plastic surgery to look more like Chisato, as her post-surgery face looks similar to child Chisato's face. However, she may just have wanted to improve her looks, with any resemblance to Chisato being a coincidence, as Decim states he is unaware if they currently look similar.


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