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A somewhat tall man in his 30s as said in the episode, he's around the height of Decim. He has medium length brown hair that is styled. He is seen wearing a work suit with a pink undershirt, black suit jacket and pants, along with a pair of black shoes.


He is seems to be somewhat kind at first, sharing his cigarettes with the Old Man. He mentions he wants to apologize to his girlfriend for an argument, showing he cares for his relationship. He is very competitive with the Old Man during the Billiards Game. In his youth he is shown to be a good student and hardworking employee. He also worked really hard in college to impress his current girlfriend.

He is shown to be rash and impulsive during the OVA. He initially wants to try and escape the bar. He panics and attacks the Old Man when he thinks he might lose. He cheated on his longtime girlfriend.


He led a pretty normal younger life indicated by his flashback. He was a normal child from a good family. He was a good student and went to college. In college he worked to impress a girl later shown to be his longtime girlfriend. After college it seemed he worked hard in his company and was granted a promotion.

He at one point remembers that he cheated on his girlfriend and that's why he wants to apologize to her.

We also learn that he was stabbed to death by his girlfriend, most likely in revenge for him cheating.


See Death Billiards.


  1. It is believed his soul went for Reincarnation, evidenced by the female Noh Mask above his elevator.



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