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"Thank you so much… for always picking me up. It's because of you, Harada, that I was able to come this far."
— Mayu to Harada

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Mayu Arita (有田マユ, Arita Mayu) is a student and a huge fan of the idol group C.H.A..


Arita is a fashionable girl with brown eyes and a mole near her lips. She wears a lot of makeup and paints her nails pink. She ties some of her curly light brown hair in a bun, holding it in place with a brown blushing teddy bear, and lets the remaining strands flow freely to the sides of her face. Furthermore, she accessorizes herself with earrings, a necklace, and a pink scrunchy on her right arm.

She wears a school uniform consisting of a white collar shirt with a blue tie, a dark blue short skirt, black socks, and brown shoes.


She's usually foolish and lighthearted, but has a pure side as well. She is selfless towards the ones she cares about, even willing to sacrifice herself. She won't sacrifice a stranger just to better her situation.


For more information read Episode 6

Some time later, Mayu is given the choice to sacrifice a stranger to the Void to return Harada's soul. She is unsure at first, but then chooses to sacrifice herself, since she doesn't know anything about the stranger. Even after being intimidated by Ginti, her decision remains the same. After dragging a lifeless Harada into the elevator, they are both sent to the void by Ginti.


  • "I pity you arbiters. I decided for myself. Maybe it wasn't a life that others would be proud of, but I'M the one who decided to devote it to Harada."


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