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Memine is a cat that lives in the Viginti and helps Ginti with his duties as an arbiter.

Despite clearly being an animal, she seems adept in the tasks she has been given.


Memine is a black cat with green eyes. She has a stump of a tail and a bandage wrapping around her right foreleg.


She is an obedient and friendly cat. She is extremely smart for a cat, acting as Ginti's assistant. She is playful similar to normal cats, playing with one of Mayu's fake eyelashes.


Memine presses the button that activates the spinner during Mayu's and Harada's game of Twister. Instead of listening to their "concert", she rather plays with Mayu's fake eyelashes. As Mayu and Harada are sent to the void, Memine jumps off of Ginti's arm and leaves, seemingly disapproving with his decision. She isn't seen again and even Ginti doesn't know where she went.


She has a strong bond with Ginti, being held and pet by him frequently. Ginti demanded Mayu to call her by her name Memine and trusted Memine with overseeing the Death Game. He was jealous when Memine warmed up to Mayu, calling her a traitor. She left after he sent Mayu to the void, upsetting Ginti.
Mayu Arita
She seems to have liked Mayu, being fine with Mayu picking her up, cuddling with and even nudging her head against her. She seemingly disapproved with Mayu being sent to the void.


  • Memine is the Latin word for "remember".