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Misaki Tachibana (橘みさき, Tachibana Misaki) is a reality TV star and the mother of Naoki, Akiho, Sachi, Jiyun, and Takahiro Tachibana.


Misaki is a curvy middle aged woman with brown eyes and neck-length brown hair that is swept to the left side. She wears a red dress with yellow flower addition, red short boots and black leggings. She also wears jewelry, a pearl necklace, and rings on the index and pinky finger of her left hand. She mentions that she carries a blue parasol sometimes.


Misaki is self-centered and very impulsive, doing what she wanted without considering the consequences. She often lets her temper get the best of her, resulting in violent interactions with others. In the game Battle of Life, her hobby is simply listed as "shopping". She is also quite cunning using her "feminine charm" to get her way.

She is a poor judge of character having multiple partners that abused her. She also seems to revel in her celebrity life and enjoys the status it brings, even neglecting her children to focus on her career. However, despite her selfish nature she isn't heartless and genuinely cares for her children despite the lack of attention she gives them, only wanting to start her TV career to better their lives.


Misaki had multiple abusive partners and had to care for her five children mostly by herself. She got pregnant in her late teens by a young blond man, married and had another child with him. He abused her in front of their children and eventually left and never returned. She seemingly brought home multiple men and got pregnant three more times, getting abused in the seemingly fleeting relationships with these men.

She would often be depressed struggling to just support her family. At some point, she would get an offer to star in a reality TV show with her children, seeing this as an opportunity to better their situation. However, she was strangled to death by her abused talent manager in a fit of rage, after Misaki slapped and antagonized her over a mistake.


For more information read Episode 4


  • "Stop screwing with me. Quit trying to mess with my head! What gives you people the right to make that decision! Just who do you think you are to judge me!? What the hell do you even know about me?!"
  • "How can you call this fair judgement?! You just tricked me to get what you want!"
  • "I don't care what you are!! It's always been like this! My entire life … everyone has lied to me! Before I knew it I had five kids but I didn't care what anyone thought of me. But then, everything started to change. My life was only beginning. After all that misery, I finally found happiness. I finally had the chance to make my children happy."