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Nona (ノーナ, Nōna) is the manager of the arbiter system and lives in the Nona Ginta.


She is a petite woman with pale skin. Her aqua blue hair is tied in a braid and fixed with sky blue ornament. Her purple eyes have the arbiter cross and her nails are painted in the same color as her hair.

She wears a white buttoned top with puffy sleeves and black high-waist harem pants that are connected to too large black suspenders. Additionally, she has golden earrings, a red ribbon on her collar with a pin, bracelets and violet sandals.


Despite her young appearance, she is a calculating person and an experienced arbiter. She is rather serious and, when needed, is able to treat the arbiters below her rather harshly. However, most of the time she is friendly and respects those around her.



Nona knocking down Ginti

Nona's incredible strength paired with her fighting ability allows her to easily overpower and knock down Ginti, a physically fit adult male, and dodge Oculus' flower.
Sleep Inducement
She is able to put others to sleep and, if she wants to, able to wake them up again by touching them. Activating this ability makes her bracelets glow.


Nona manages the other arbiters, but is mainly focused on her experiment with Decim, to potentially improve the process of judging humans. She has secretly implanted human emotions in him and now observes his behavior and judgments. To further this experiment, she assigns the black-haired woman as his assistant. Together with Quin and Ginti, she wants to test Decim, disguising Ginti as a human. Decim isn't able to pass the test and Nona had to forcefully stop the ensuing scuffle. Being disappointed, she talks to Castra and convinces her to send two marked humans to Decim. The humans are murderers and are usually handled by special and more experienced arbiters. Afterwards, Nona is confronted by Decim who tells her that he is ready to finally judge the black-haired woman but he will do so on his own terms.

During all this, Nona has to carefully hide her experiments from Oculus. They have differing views on arbiters and when questioned she simply dismisses him. After a while Oculus becomes suspicious of her and reads Clavis' memories, disapproving of her actions. Failing to read her memories as well, he confronts her directly, but Nona stands her ground. Not being able to convince Oculus, she stops her active interference and just continues to observe Decim.


Nona chose Decim for her experiment, implanting human emotions in him. She is often irritated by his mistakes, but also respects him and his insights. After he failed Quin's test, she was severely disappointed and scolded him.
Superficially they have an easy-going, nonchalant relationship, frequently playing billiards together. In actuality, their relationship is much more tense, having different views on arbiters and the methods used to judge the deceased.

Quin and Nona enjoying a drink

They are good friends, often having a drink at the Nona Ginta after work. While Nona is sometimes annoyed by Quin's loud and chatty nature, she enjoys her company and trusts her, even informing her about Decim's implanted emotions. Quin is glad to do her a few favors and occasionally counsel her.
She does not tolerate any of his antics, and often violently chastises him when he goes overboard.
Clavis is one of Nona's most trustworthy confidants, even being informed about Decim. Despite scolding him sometimes for being late, they speak to each other casually.


  • "If I let myself feel satisfied and start slacking off, even once, it's all downhill from there."
  • "With Decim, it's all drinks and seriousness. Aside from that, he has no other saving graces."
  • "Do you know what the most primitive emotion people have is? It's fear."
  • "The thing is, I believe it is good for there to be more than one method of judging people. But… so many people die each day, and we have to figure out how to judge them all somehow. This is it. We work on autopilot. Mechanically, no questions asked. Then afterwards, what happens? We forget everything about the people we've judged. Because if we didn't, we couldn't continue on being arbiters. We are not human, we are dummies. We never live, and we never die. And yet we're built to look exactly like those we judge. Doesn't it seem strange of kind of unfair? We don't even know the first thing about death or dying, yet we're the ones that judge the dead. Besides all that, I'm curious. I'd like to see an arbiter that has human emotions making human judgments."
  • "We are able to change."
  • "We are not just mere dummies"
  • "To suffer but stand firm, that's what it means to live. It's what gives life meaning."


  • Nona is the first part of Nona Ginta, the Latin word for "ninety".
  • It is unknown if she ever judges people in the Nona Ginta.
  • In the opening Nona appears in a red dress, which is never seen in the actual show.