Nona Ginta
Nona Ginta
Floor 90F
Bartender Nona

Clavis (valet)

Anime Debut Episode 2

Nona Ginta is a place inhabited by Nona. It is on the ninetieth floor. It is presumed to be the location in which Nona receives her dead guests and makes judgements on them, as well as work in management. In addition, Nona Ginta appears to be the place where all arbiters are first synthesized.

Appearance Edit

Nona Ginta resembles an ancient Japanese forest with Nona's house in the center of a lake. The entire floor is enclosed by a colosseum-like structure surrounding the perimeter. It is constantly misty in Nona Ginta.

Known Guests Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Nonaginta means 90 (XC) in Latin.
  • It appears as though only certain people are permitted in Nona Ginta, as Clavis is shown escorting irregular visitors such as Decim in and out of the place.
  • It is shown that Quin and Castra commonly visit Nona Ginta to have a meal or a drink with Nona.
  • It is the largest floor in the entire show.
  • In addition, it is also the only floor shown outdoors, though it is unknown whether or not Nona Ginta is the highest floor.
    • However, at the start of episode 10 when the elevator goes up to Nona Ginta, the elevator marker is shown to hit the far right side, hinting that Nona Ginta is the highest floor.


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