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Oculus (オクルス Okurusu) is the creator of the system of arbitration.[1] He observes all floors and is in a higher position than Nona. He is the closest being to God.


Oculus is a skinny old man wearing a simple outfit consisting of a collared shirt with violet stripes, violet shorts, and pale brown slippers. His irises are black with neon green, cat-like pupils and he uses pince-nez to aid his eyesight. His light pink hair with yellow highlights forms an open lotus flower, similarly to his goatee forming a closed lotus bud.


He at first seems like a childish grandpa-type character, who spends his free time playing galactic pool, usually with Nona, as he expresses discontent when suggested to play with anybody else.

However, he has a near-nihilistic philosophy believing empathy and the meaning of life is only relevant to those who can die. Arbiters cannot be too human to judge, as "humans can't judge humans".


He is able to extend the lotus flower on his chin to read the memories of others.


  • "'Live?' That’s a word reserved only for those capable of dying."
  • "That's so ridiculous it's making my flower shrivel."
  • "An arbiter with human emotions? How pointless."
  • "God left this place a long time ago."


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