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A short, elderly man, possibly in his 70's or 80's. He wears round-lensed glasses and is nearly bald except for a ring of grey hair around the base of his head and his goatee. He wears a green shirt and with shorts and sandals.


He is an elderly man and seemingly laid back. He enjoys smoking while drinking.

He is shown to be very agile and skilled in sword-like combat as well as billiards. He is very calm even when faced with the possibility of death and the Young Man's surprise attack. He misses his wife and her homemade snacks.


In the Old Man's flashbacks we get a glimpse of his life from childhood to marriage.

As a child he witnessed bombs falling over his home and remembers growing up with his mother outside of his destroyed town. Growing up with his mother could mean his father was killed by the bombs, war, or some other conflict. He became proficient at Kendo and was a bully towards other kids. In his teens, he became a Billiards champion. Later on in life he married, revealed later to be Sachiko Uemura.

He lived happily married for a long time, until becoming old, due to either a medical condition or age, he became a "vegetable" and could hardly do anything for himself.

In the end, his soul was sent to the Void.


See Death Billiards.


The Old Man spoke to Decim before his judgement, what he said is unknown.

  1. The Old Man asked Decim where his soul was headed. Decim refused to tell him, or told him he was going to the Void. The Old Man assumed/or knows he was going to the Void, hence his grim smile while in his elevator.
  2. The Old Man may have requested to be sent to the void in exchange for the Young Man. As he had lived a fulfilled life and the young man still dreamt of having one himself.
  3. The Old Man knew he was being judged so he requested to be sent to the void in exchange for the Young Man, but only did that so that he can appear good and avoid being sent to the void. The smile at the end seems sinister, though it is also possible that this was intentionally included to confuse the viewer.


  • The Young Man has a dry cleaning ticket in his pocket dated 2012-07-12 (Year-Month-Day, used in Japan, China, Canada among others). Setting a possible date for July 12th, 2012. This sets the bombing during the old man's childhood during WW2 (assuming it uses earth's history). Meaning the Old Man's age is around 70-80 at the time of death.