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The Quindecim is the bar on the fifteenth floor, and the residence of Decim and the Black-Haired Woman. It is the location where Decim serves his guests drinks and judges the deceased. It serves as the show's primary location.


The Quindecim appears to be modeled after a modern European bar. The counter is lavishly decorated in a Grecian/Roman design. There are several shelves stocked with fine wine and alcohol. With a beautiful centerpiece with a circular design, which is sometimes hidden behind a roulette. The shelves are able to split and reveal a secret room that is used solely to store Decim's mannequins.

The bar itself is rather spacious with not much lighting and darker colors such as purple and red. There are large aquariums, dark purple couches, a piano with a mannequin, and a tall elegant chandelier. The tile floor featured red tiles that serve as a path for the customers, that arrive via elevators, to follow.

In the hallway are two bathrooms with interiors that are similarly decorated in a dark purple matching the rest of the bar. When a customer chooses the game, a large round room will change to reveal the selected game. This room also features extra levels with boxes, similar to an opera house, filled with several clothed mannequins.

Next to the counter is a hallway with rooms presumably for living.

Known Guests[]

Name Judgment
Man Reincarnation
Old Man Void
Takashi Reincarnation
Machiko Void
Shigeru Miura Reincarnation
Mai Takada Reincarnation
Misaki Tachibana Void
Yousuke Tateishi Reincarnation
Dummy with memories None (Test)
Ginti (disguised) None (Test)
Shimada Void
Tatsumi Void
Sachiko Uemura Reincarnation
Chiyuki Reincarnation


  • Quindecim is the Latin word for "fifteen", matching its floor number.
  • The Quindecim has appeared in every single episode.