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Sachiko Uemura (上村 幸子, Uemura Sachiko) is a mangaka and the wife of the Old Man.


Sachiko is an old, kind looking woman with wrinkled skin. She has long brown hair kept in a tight bun and wears a yellow dress with a orange and red striped scarf.


She is a kind, patient and calm woman. During the game Sachiko happily shares memories of her life and seems to be very content with the long and fulfilled life she lived. She also is fairly intelligent, figuring out she died immediately after seeing a card of a character she only imagined but never actually drew.


Sachiko was a hardworking but not very popular illustrator and admits that while there were tough times, she truly enjoyed what she did. She married young and lived happily with her husband her entire life, despite being incapable of having children.


For more information read Episode 10.


  • "How do you express your feelings? Yes, with words. But there are other ways to express your feelings. That is probably why they made Chavvot deaf. For example, a person smiles no matter what land they are from."


  • Uemura is the only human guest that wasn't put under an extreme condition by Decim before her judgement.
  • She could be based on the real mangaka Osamu Tezuka: both of them died while illustrating and their drawing styles are similar.