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Sae Shimada (島田 紗英, Shimada Sae) is the younger sister of Shimada.


In middle school, Sae has short black hair tied in pigtails. She wears a uniform consisting of a white blouse with white-striped blue collars with a red ribbon.

After she got assaulted by her stalker, she had scrapes over her face and a large bruise on her left side of the face.


Only seen in a few flashbacks, she seems to have been a relatively friendly demeanor, going through the death of their parents and help from her brother has given her the drive to continue her education.

This all changes after she was assaulted, becoming vengeful and depressed.


Losing her parents at a young age, she and her brother had a hard life, but with his support she was able to grow up and attend high school. Sae was attacked and raped by an unnamed assailant while Tatsumi observed from a far, leading her to assume they were partners. After the attack this leaves her hateful and broken going as far as telling her brother that she wants her attackers dead.


  • "I want them dead."
  • "I saw another one, he just stood there and watched."