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Shimada (島田, Shimada) is a student and part time worker and the older brother of Sae Shimada.


He has short brown hair, brown eyes and wears a white shirt.


Shimada was initially a very kind, innocent but nervous young man. He supports those he cherishes and wants to ensure their happiness. He is very protective of his sister, even willing to kill to revenge her, after she desires their deaths.


His parents died in an accident, leaving him to support his younger sister Sae. He would go to school and take several part time jobs to support her. After returning home from work one day, he sees that his sister had been assaulted. Promising her revenge, he sets out to kill the aggressor, being stabbed in the process. Surviving the injury long enough, he also manages to stab the accomplice to death, but bleeds out after.


For more information read Episode 8 and 9


Sae Shimada
He is protective and supportive of his sister, going to work so she can focus on school. After she got assaulted, he fulfilled her wish of revenge.
Initially getting along well, Shimada reawakens his hatred for him, after learning that he did nothing to stop the aggressor. Shimada is the one that killed him and not being able to kill him again, he inflicts massive amounts of pain on him.
She tries to stop him from throwing his chance of reincarnation away, but is unsuccessful after Tatsumi taunts him.
He is his arbiter and tests him by giving him the option to inflict pain on Tatsumi.