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Takashi (たかし, Takashi) is a doctor and the husband of Machiko.


Takashi is man with short sideburns and a goatee. He has black hair and wears business casual-like clothes. He has a wedding band on his left hand and wears a simple string necklace affixed with a golden square, matching Machiko's necklace and ring.


He initially is very confident, loves his wife and is protective and supportive of her. However, after Takashi overhears two female wedding guests gossiping, he assumes Machiko is cheating on him. He is extremely suspicious of his wife and doesn't trust her anymore, which is only strengthened by her seemingly wanting to win their Death Game. He is described as "a man who cannot trust anyone" by Nona.


Takashi is a doctor and in love with his soon to be wife Machiko. At their wedding, he overhears two of Machiko's friends gossiping about a girl named Macchi having an affair and assumes Machiko is cheating on him. Deciding he can't cancel the wedding last minute, he doesn't confront Machiko immediately. While driving on their honeymoon, Machiko's phone rings and he assumes it must be her lover since she doesn't pick up. He angrily confronts her and tries to grab her phone resulting in them crashing of a cliff.


For more information read Episode 1 and 2


  1. Takashi is probably the father of Machiko's child, since she is already pregnant before the wedding and when she cheats she has the wedding band on her finger.


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