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Tatsumi (辰巳, Tatsumi) is a detective and the husband of Yumi.


Tatsumi is a middle aged man wearing a green shirt with a black jacket, brown pants, a watch and nice pair of brown shoes his wife bought him. He has wrinkles, grey eyes and his brown hair is combed back.


Initially, he is extremely dedicated to his job, allowing him to be extremely rational and able to tell if a person lies and what kind of person they are. Tatsumi is friendly and open to those who he considers friends or good acquaintances.

After his wife's murder, he sought revenge and changed to a self righteous killer. He is cold and heartless, abusing his power as a detective and letting innocent victims suffer to judge the actions of the "scum" committing crimes. If his judgments are criticized, he will lose his composure, comparing himself to the arbiters.


Tatsumi is a proud, esteemed detective working long days and nights, even forgetting his own birthday. His wife is very patient and loving, understanding the importance of his job and supporting him. However, after coming home one day he finds his wife brutally murdered. Immediately he finds and murders her killer hearing her voice in his delusional state. He begins his long self righteous quest of murdering criminals, tailing them, allowing them to victimize someone and then brutally murder them. Eventually, after a rapist assaulted Shimada's sister Sae, he gets stabbed to death by Shimada while entering the rapist's apartment.


For more information read Episode 8 and 9


She was married to Tatsumi and they had a great relationship. After she was killed he started to seek revenge.


  • "It's only obvious that the world is a cruel place. If you can't change the world, then you have to change yourself!"


  • He is a habitual smoker.