Death Parade Wiki

The universe of Death Parade can be separated in the afterlife and the world of the living.


The afterlife is the place where most of the series is set in. Important inhabitants include arbiters, Oculus and at some point presumably god. The souls of the deceased are collected and judged here. Most of ist locations and inhabitants have Latin names.


Most of the known locations in the afterlife seem to be part of this hotel. It has 90 floors including a basement, which are all connected via an elevator controlled by Clavis.


The Quindecim is a bar located on the 15th floor. It was formerly run by Quin but is now led by Decim. It is the place where Decim judges his deceased guests by having them play various Death Games. The black-haired woman served as his assistant and here during this time.


The Viginti is another bar located on the 20th floor. It is run by Ginti with Memine as his assistant and is also used to judge deceased guests.

Nona Ginta[]

The Nona Ginta is the home of the manager of the arbiters Nona and located on the 90th floor.


The basement is only accessible with a special key held by Clavis. The puppets that hold the souls of the deceased during their judgment are discarded here.

Information Bureau[]

The Information Bureau is the place where the memories of the deceased are sorted and compressed, to be sent to and viewed by the arbiters. It is unknown if it is part of the hotel or a separate building.

Castra's Room[]

Castra's room is the location where Castra assigns the deceased to different arbiters. It is filled with glasses that are slowly being filled by blood dripping from the ceiling.

World of the Living[]

The world of the living is seen only through flashbacks of the deceased. However it is possible to bring objects from here into the afterlife. Some notable objects include the book Chavvot, Shimada's knife or food and alcohol.


  • Food and alcohol from the living world does seem to be more flavorful than their counterparts of the afterlife.