Unnamed Man
Gender Male
Hair Colour Light Brown
Eye Colour Brown
Age 23-24
Height 5'10 1/2"
Weight 119 lbs
Blood Type A
Occupation Murderer
Anime debut Episode 11
Seiyū Mamorou Miyano (japanese)

Brad Swaile (english)

The Unnamed Man was a guest at Viginti during the same time that Mayu Arita and Harada were visiting.


The unnamed man was briefly shown to Mayu by Ginti when he asked her to choose between him or Harada to be sent to the void. Mayu couldn't choose, resulting in Ginti sending her and Harada to the void together. The fate of this unnamed man remains unknown, though it was likely suggested that he was also sent to the void.


  • This character is believed to be the main protagonist of Death Note, and is a reference to the series, as they were both animated by Madhouse.
    • Coincidentally, both Harada and Light Yagami have the same Japanese voice actor.
    • In addition, Heaven and Hell do not exist in either anime, and the character Light Yagami does die in Death Note, making it only practical that he would be sent to Viginti after his death.
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