Floor 20F
Bartender Ginti

Memine (assistant)

Anime Debut Episode 6

Viginti is a bar on the 20th floor and the residence of Ginti, who acts as its bartender. It is the location in which he serves drinks to both his guests as well as other arbiters, and makes his judgements upon the deceased.

Appearance Edit

Viginti appears to be a traditional Japanese sake bar, which also features various works of art, several guest rooms, and an indoors Zen Garden. It also includes a makeshift stage, where Harada puts on a show by the end of Episode 6.

Known Guests Edit

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Trivia Edit

  • The bar's name is based on the Latin word "viginti" which, matching the floor it is located on, means "twenty".
  • The bar seems to be popular amongst other arbiters, as they are often seen visiting.
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