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Void & Reincarnation

Within the universe of Death Parade, deceased humans are judged by arbiters that send the deceased's soul either to the void or to be reincarnated.


Reincarnation involves the person's memories and past identity being erased, but the soul itself is sent to live inside a newborn baby.[1] It is represented by a nakizo mask. It seems that morally grey and good people are reincarnated, if they are deemed to benefit from a new life.

Known individuals that were reincarnated:


The Void is a place of eternal nothingness, represented by a hannya mask. Morally bad people are sent here, but it is also implied that morally grey or even good people, that wouldn't benefit from reincarnation, can be sent here.[2] These souls become the basis for the existence of arbiters.[3] Ginti tells Mayu that people sent to the void are in a constant state of falling, fully conscious, and plagued by negative emotions,[4] however, it is unclear if he just wants to scare her.

Known individuals that were sent to the void:


  • When explaining their job, arbiters usually say they send people to heaven or hell, since it was deemed easier for humans to understand.


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