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Yousuke Tateishi is one of the guests visiting the Quindecim.


He has short black hair and wears glasses. His attire consists of socks with crocs, blue shorts, a black collared shirt and a white undershirt. He also wears a black wristband on his left wrist.


Yousuke is quiet and reclusive, being a loner in high school, and is interested in video games, comics, movies and figurines. In the "Battle of Life" his hobby is is simply listed as "Otaku" and his special combos are called "Love Figurine Upper", "Shrine Pilgrimage Attack", and "Blu-Ray Phalanx", with His Ultimate Move being called "Suppertime: Home Cooked Attack".[1]


After being abused by his birth mother and witnessing his parents' divorce, Yousuke fell into a state of depression. He lived with his father and his new step mother whom he never wanted to get close to. The depression also seemed to distance him from others, especially in school, and through the lack of social interaction he started living his life as a hikikomori. His step mother wished Yousuke would call her "momma" someday, however, his depression led to his suicide, before they could form such connection.


For more information see Episode 4


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